I’ve been wanting to try marinating in pineapple juice, since I read that it contains an enzyme (bromelain) that tenderises meat - so much so that you are warned not to marinate chicken for longer than 20 minutes lest it fall apart.

This is pork spareribs marinated for two hours in fresh pineapple, soy sauce, ginger, rice vinegar l, and lime juice. It was certainly tender, the rib bones fell right out. See second picture, a different rack to which I also added scotch bonnet chilli.


As a culinary experiment, it was only partly successful. The two hour marinating time was plenty to soften (perhaps over-soften) the meat, but it didn’t give the other flavours long enough to penetrate. It might be better to marinate in everything else, and add the pineapple for the last hour or so.

@mugwort I’m curious to hear how it goes if you do that!

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