Wild St John’s wort growing in the Cyclades in Greece, where it is called “balsam” and mostly used as a balm - steeped in olive oil and applied as a skin tonic or muscle rub. Warning - it increases skin photosensitivity and must never be used if going out in the sun.

@mugwort it looks like a different variety of St John's Wort from that in Britain, which can be used for depression.

I didn't know of the Greek variety, so glad I now do.

@GwenfarsGarden I think it’s essentially the same species, just growing uncultivated ina much less humid environment. I am familiar with the British variety - those broad could never survive the arid and sun-scorched environment here. Bet it would be equally good for depression.

@mugwort yes, of course, the leaves on the Greek variety are much better suited to a hot climate.

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