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ahh, a clean fresh account that I haven't yet filled with terrible posts. hi,!

i guess this is a re- so: I'm natrix, 41, she/they/whatever, UK, white, queer, got married to my awesome spouse last month, have a 2 yr old, 2 cats and 1 grumpy lizard.

I like cooking & recently got really back into growing herbs and veg! I'm fairly severely disabled & have a fucked up brain so I don't always have a lot of energy for it but I find it really soothing. plants good.

gonna try out for personal posts, I'm not going to do the move thing this time bc I want to keep this account for food/gardening stuff! but if anyone wants to follow me there it's

Another day where I was substantially bisexual.

ugh so I almost never post about food here anymore and I should probably move to a new instance again

w.e is still lovely and good but i deleted my account there in a fit of being overwhelmed and tired of People Being Shitty On The Internet, which means 1) I feel stupid about it and 2) I can't have my preferred username there now

so idk I guess I'm instance hunting, anyone got any recs

now my brain isn't feeling quite so "no words, only static" i kind of miss blogging/microblogging

anyway today I made bean's room look all pretty and I'm super proud of myself (the mirror isn't supposed to be there, I will move it)

have been in very no-thoughts-head-empty mode a lot lately

or "thoughts, but not verbal ones"

fuck it's my birthday in 2 weeks?? this snuck up on me unawares and i have once again made zero plans for anything

then again my partners aren't vaxxed yet so it's not like we can have a party or anything anyway

a cicada chirrs
a crescent moon
a white moth

covid/vaccination +/- 

update: I feel like I've been run over by a truck made of flu

guess my body is working really hard making all those antibodies!

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covid/vaccination + 

the centre felt dystopian as hell, but for once, in a not entirely negative way

it was in a hugeass sports arena place that was just entirely divided up into little vaccine stations. there were cheery little signs saying things like "215 steps until your vaccination!" i was given a bright red card with ANAPHYLAXIS on it, because i had a bad reaction to some antibiotics in 2015

but the main point is I'm now semi-vaxxed and have my second shot booked for July!

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found myself saying “maybe soon we can go on a *real bus*!” to my son

covid sure has changed our expectations of life and ideas of what’s exciting, huh

I'm too used to fedi where 15 interactions is like "damn, that one went kinda viral huh"

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jesus christ a post I made on twitter got like 2k retweets and now I think I need counselling

Image description: a fallen branch on a forest floor with lots of shelf fungus (might be turkey tail?) growing on it

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