I started making a blanket in lemon peel stitch and it is taking forever. this isn't even gonna be ready by next winter at the rate i crochet

still, it's something to do that isn't doomscrolling

@natrixnatrix I'm planning on making it as a sampler kinda thing to use up lots of leftover bits of yarn

it will be stripey and cute

if it ever gets finished

fuck this stitch, i regret this choice of stitch, i thought it would be easy

@natrixnatrix Well, the good thing about not having gotten very far is it's not too late to tear it up and start over!

@error_1202 noooooo i can't bear to, just four rows took so fucking long

but i might change the stitch and hope it looks ok

@natrixnatrix I definitely buy ultra chunky yarn for this purpose

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