falling a bit behind with but here's day 6, "Terror of hollow wood, especially that part behind the knees where spiders are most likely to be."

(picture contains very non-graphic spiders)


Day nine of

Not gonna lie, i had absolutely no idea how to draw "the very concept of a knife arranged in a circle" and i think it shows.

10: an electronic air kiss

this one is extremely scribbly bc i am very tired

i missed a bunch of these bc exhausted

today's is Sir Isaac Newton in a bucket

apple included not because i think he was constantly being rained on by apples at all times, but because let's face it, this would not otherwise be recognizable as Newton

facial likenesses are not my strong point

neither are buckets, apparently


as a bonus, here is day 13: an etruscan bowl filled with cat hair on a coffee table

i found a reference of an etruscan bowl with cats on, so i had to

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