Lb: I get that a lot too

and the other thing that frustrates me a lot is when someone says something, I say "what?" or even "sorry, can you repeat that?" and instead of repeating it they start EXPLAINING it

which never makes any sense to me because I don't have any context for what they're explaining because I DIDN'T HEAR THE FIRST THING

so I have a lot of conversations which, from my perspective, go like this:

Them: I feel like (mumbling noises)
Me: Sorry, like what?
Them: You know, it's the episode where the chicken gets eaten by the dragon?


Them: I'm going to the (incoherent sounds)
Me: Sorry, I didn't catch that, to where?
Them, patiently: It's like a special building with lots of books that you can borrow, if you sign up and get a special card

@natrixnatrix The only people I regularly speak with all know I have some hearing loss, and are generally clueful. That said, I've had some luck with repeating the part I heard and finishing with, .."inaudible," to get them to repeat that bit.

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