ai-generated art 

also, midjourney is in open beta now! have been trying it out, and what I have mostly discovered is that Midjourney is much better if you want something so incredibly goddamn pretty you'd happily hang it on your wall (I'm not super good at it yet, but both the images below are from midjourney and I like them a lot), and dall-e mini is much better if you want a picture of, say, Boris Johnson in a bin.

ai-generated art 

this is not a criticism of dall-e, btw! dall-e seems to generally be better at going "oh yeah, I get what you mean" and generating things that... look like specific things. midjourney, you either need to be willing to spend hours generating and re-generating variations of an image to fine-tune it, or be cool with "you give it some ideas and it does what it feels like with them"

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