ai-generated art 

also, midjourney is in open beta now! have been trying it out, and what I have mostly discovered is that Midjourney is much better if you want something so incredibly goddamn pretty you'd happily hang it on your wall (I'm not super good at it yet, but both the images below are from midjourney and I like them a lot), and dall-e mini is much better if you want a picture of, say, Boris Johnson in a bin.

ai generated art, brief mention of general 2022-ness 

the planet is on fire, my country's government is in chaos, and I'm probably about to get covid again, but also I can ask a computer to draw me a perfectly spherical sheep and it'll do it, so who's to say if 2022 is good or bad

also I made a tiny zine about it, because my primary coping method for *waves hands* everything right now, seems to be "folding bits of paper into little books and writing shit in them"

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cleaned-up map version!

we set it in the Cultist Simulator universe so a lot of the place names/notes are references to that

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been playing Ex Novo (a map-making tabletop game, I got it in a bundle from with my spouse and it was really fun! we made an awesome little island map with a secret tunnel network, a forest full of monsters and a secret smuggling network

AI-generated images, cute 

It's nice that as well as "funny" and "horrifying", Craiyon/Dall-e can also do "delightful"

Got my hair cut again with a proper undercut and actually love it this time!
(eye contact)

she just tried catnip for the first time and absolutely flipped her shit over it

"dall-e, show me a tarot card with a potato on it" (AI-generated art) 


Every time I plant seeds and a few days later a bunch of little green shoots pop up, it somehow still feels unexpected. I have done it a million times, and yet I'm still like surprised pikachu every time

ukpol, I guess 

just spent part of my Christmas etsy voucher on this pin and I'm excited for it to arrive

Selfie with eye contact 

Got my hair cut, sort of (just tidied up a bit really). I'm not really feeling it tbh, but I guess that's the thing about growing your hair out, you just can't skip the awkward stage

Also: eating lunch outside & iced coffee in the yard and remembering two years ago when I would do this and play ambient cafe sounds on my phone to pretend I was out somewhere interacting with the world again

a sneaky little strawberry plant seems to have set up home with the forget-me-nots

(also featuring my kid's hair trimmings, which I put outside for nesting birds, but it somehow ended up in here)

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