finished! it's been ages since i actually finished a crochet project and it's really good to remind myself that in fact, i can still do this and make something pretty if i put my mind to it. just hope my mum likes it now!

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crocheting a scarf for my mum's birthday next week (figured if i stuck to something simple it would actually get finished in time). i love this yarn, i think the colours look like a beach on a misty day. I've had it forever waiting for something good to do with it, but this seems like the right project.

My basil plant is flowering!

I have approximately 9000 other basil plants growing currently that i can eat, so I'm going to let it flower and hopefully collect some seeds.

made some pearl barley vegetable soup... turned out a bit heavy on the vegetables and light on the soup, but good!

suddenly wanted to draw something properly/non botober, so here's an octopus

as a bonus, here is day 13: an etruscan bowl filled with cat hair on a coffee table

i found a reference of an etruscan bowl with cats on, so i had to

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i missed a bunch of these bc exhausted

today's is Sir Isaac Newton in a bucket

apple included not because i think he was constantly being rained on by apples at all times, but because let's face it, this would not otherwise be recognizable as Newton

facial likenesses are not my strong point

neither are buckets, apparently

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I started making a blanket in lemon peel stitch and it is taking forever. this isn't even gonna be ready by next winter at the rate i crochet

still, it's something to do that isn't doomscrolling

I made the sunflower seed pesto and it is, in fact, very good! Also my basil plant is no longer approaching the ceiling, lol

(it may look as if there's not very much sauce on the pasta, which is because this stuff is STRONG. I was like "oh no there's barely enough for one bowl!" at first... then i tasted it and realised that a little is going to go a long way with this)

eye contact selfie 

a miracle occurred and i took a selfie i don't hate

I have... a lot of basil. And that big one desperately needs cutting back.

Anyone got any ideas on what to do with a ton of fresh basil? Other than pesto, I mean. (Don't get me wrong, I love pesto, but pine nuts are expensive as hell)

Day nine of

Not gonna lie, i had absolutely no idea how to draw "the very concept of a knife arranged in a circle" and i think it shows.

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