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jesus christ i'm stressed about this heatwave

partner has dysautonomia and doesn't cope well with anything over 20 degrees so like. lol

just staring down the next two days like

fuck you too, sun

so I have a lot of conversations which, from my perspective, go like this:

Them: I feel like (mumbling noises)
Me: Sorry, like what?
Them: You know, it's the episode where the chicken gets eaten by the dragon?


Them: I'm going to the (incoherent sounds)
Me: Sorry, I didn't catch that, to where?
Them, patiently: It's like a special building with lots of books that you can borrow, if you sign up and get a special card

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Lb: I get that a lot too

and the other thing that frustrates me a lot is when someone says something, I say "what?" or even "sorry, can you repeat that?" and instead of repeating it they start EXPLAINING it

which never makes any sense to me because I don't have any context for what they're explaining because I DIDN'T HEAR THE FIRST THING

With my huge hearing loss, I've noticed something.

Really often, when I don't hear and ask people to repeat, they'll tell me stuff like "oh no, that wasn't important" instead of just saying it once again. They may even be mad at me.

It makes me feel really excluded, so I don't dare asking them to repeat anything anymore. I act like I hear most of what they say, smile when they do and that's it...

Please, don't be mean. We're not trying to bother you, we just want to understand what you say.

mh - 

every night once i get bean settled down in bed and it's time to turn off Mama Mode and rest i just get this fucking gigantic mood crash

like I used to really really appreciate having that little bit of free time in the evenings but lately it just seems to end up with me sitting here thinking about Bad Shit tm

cleaned-up map version!

we set it in the Cultist Simulator universe so a lot of the place names/notes are references to that

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Leave your phone at home sometimes. Maybe turn it off.

Make it a normal thing that you do and that other people might do.

If your country is becoming unsafe for LGBT people or for the kind of protesting that's usually allowed in liberal democracies, then it's important that it be completely normal that someone might go to the shops or the cinema or out for a picnic without their phone.

Do it in solidarity, even if news don't personally effect you. /Especially/ if they don't effect you.

noooo i'm a GOOD cishet white man i'm not being sexist, it's just that women are bad and cringe and too emotional amirite

anyway, i think the main takeaway here is that i should really just delete reddit

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like i'm not talking about discussing white women's specific place within white supremacy, that shit is totally valid & a good conversation that needs to continue happening (probably still not a conversation that white men, or white anyone, needs to be dominating, but valid)

i mean like when they're literally like "haha women be shopping. wife bad" but then they put "white" in there at the last minute like it's a get-out-of-jail-free card for doing a misogyny

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that thing that vaguely "woke" cis white men do where they want to be sexist but they think if they put the word "white" in front of "women" then nobody will notice


mild cis nonsense 

they weren't even saying it, disdainfully or anything, more just like trans people are some sort of rare exotic bird that you might occasionally catch a glimpse of if you're lucky

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mild cis nonsense 

the temptation to rip off my mask and hiss "NOW YOU HAVE" was so strong

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mild cis nonsense 

It's trans pride day in our city today and there's this big trans event on called Sparkle

on the way home I was squashed on the train next to three very cishet ppl and one of them was like "you know, it's Sparkle today... have you *seen any*"

Band: Halloween Rain
Album Title: Well begun is half done

I think i'm going to try to clean the map up and we can use it in a future campaign :D

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been playing Ex Novo (a map-making tabletop game, I got it in a bundle from with my spouse and it was really fun! we made an awesome little island map with a secret tunnel network, a forest full of monsters and a secret smuggling network

maybe queer joy is understandably in short supply right now, I will also gladly accept pet pictures or news about anything good going on with y'all

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dealing with some family homophobia bullshit and feeling kinda shitty about it

if anyone wants to share some queer joy in the comments i'd really appreciate it <3

dealing with some family homophobia bullshit and feeling kinda shitty about it

if anyone wants to share some queer joy in the comments i'd really appreciate it <3

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