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intro, food 

Re-Introduction, because there's a new wave of food instance accounts!

I use this account like a cooking diary and keep records of what I'm doing in the kitchen. I post photos or write out recipes when I can. I was doing a big thread of all my fancy packed lunches, but I stopped having to make them due to workplace closures!

I also dump all of my gardening stuff here. I have a lot of experience gardening in the ground, but I'm currently in my first season of container gardening.

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ITT: Packed Lunches (2021 edition) 

Week of 1/4/21:
> Banh mi (no pics)

Week of 1/11/21:
> Grilled cheese on dark rye, with kale-lentil salad (no pics)

Week of 1/19/21:
> Veggie Tortellini
> Apricot Curry

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ITT: Packed Lunches 

Week of 1/27:
— Mulligatawny Soup over Jasmine Rice
— Chicken-Lentil Soup with Jasmine Rice, Caramelized Onions, and Yogurt
— Snack: box mix brownies

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anyway Hydration tips from someone that lives in the desert 

seems about the time for my yearly tips on how to stay hydrated, from someone thats grown up poor in the american southwest where its fucking hot lol

Drinking water is good. How much you need depends on your age, health, and activity level. Drinking too much water can be bad, especially if you do not eat much or if you take oral medication.

*Drink some not cold water in the morning. Feels good. Ice water is great but it can cause cramps in your stomach, nausea, or make menstrual cramps worse. Remember that cold constricts your blood vessels.
*Soda, tea, coffee, sports drinks and juice have sodium/ caffeine and can dehydrate you, but you can still safely drink them in moderation just be sure to also get water in.
*If you don't like plain water, herb and fruit infused water is great. Just shove them little shits in over night and have a soft bev for the morning.
*Banana water. This one sounds weird but its my holy grail on hot summer mornings. Blend a single banana into 12 to 24oz water with ice, add cinnamon if you're fancy. Bananas in general are good for helping you remain hydrated and electrolytedly balanced. Cinnamon is great for blood flow.

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Thai food, อาหารไทย 

Thai beef + basil stir-fry. Happy Songkran!

I planted out the first batch of basil I started from seed today, as well as some strawberries that also came from seed. They join an older strawberry and a lemon balm in a pair of earth boxes. Across the front walk from them the potted Salvia gauranitica “Cool Fandango” is starting to bloom.


Today’s loaf has currants and glacé cherries and hazelnuts in it, and is sweetened with maple syrup.

#breadPosting #bread #pane #fruitLoaf


Nachos. Friend gave us homemade sala, so we made cheese dip from cheese.

Garden sage grown from seeds last summer plus the new creeping rosemary. Happy with my tiny herb garden! Need to plant some more basil in another container. @plants

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Today I repotted the marionberry I bought recently — its roots had completely circled its tiny nursery pot, pulling all the soil inwards so whenever I tried to water it the water all ran down the outside edges. I managed to massage the roots loose and put it in the larger pot that held my tomato last year.

I had just enough soil left to fill the tiny hanging pot that my pothos came in, so I popped a few 'Heavenly Blue' morning glories in there and I'll see how they do.

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Cooking 4/10—4/11: 

This week's menu is:
— Breakfast: Sausage / Oatmeal / Toast / Yogurt (free range)
— Lunch: Kale-Lentil Salad w/Dark Rye Grilled Cheese
— Dinner: Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup
— Snack: Hummus
— Dessert: Chocolate Coconut Milk Pudding

Chopping up a tomato and putting it on toast, but make it fancy 🍅

dew strawberries, painted by william henry prestele, 1894

roxbury russet apples, painted by ellen isham schutt, 1912

food/covid cookbook for taste/smell challenged 

Two British cooks have made a cookbook specifically for #COVID19 patients and long-haulers who have lost their sense of taste and smell, and it's available as a free digital download.

auto cw: could contain food 

It’s finally nice enough to eat outside during the day, so here goes: spicy Sichuan “ma la” broth with pan-seared sirloin strips, scallion and lotus root. Served with white rice.

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