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community supported bread 

Additions to meal plan for week of 9/16 

I'm currently working on another batch of my extremely unauthentic Kabocha Chili Colorado.

So far I've soaked and cooked the beans that go on the side (mayacoba this time), browned the pork, sauteéd the onions and garlic, torn up the chiles (pasilla, guajillo, arbol, smoked habanero), bloomed the chiles and spices (cumin seeds, Gebhart's chili powder, black pepper), and finally thrown the meat back in with chicken stock and herbs (oregano, thyme, bay). After an hour or so I'll add the kabocha.

Meal plan for week of 9/16 

Meal plan for this coming week 

Meal plan for this coming week 

Meal plan for this coming week 

Tonight's community dinner theme was Macedonian food, and I got to help make pitas! (not pictured)

lest you all forget, I am a virgo sun, moon, and venus. I am so very powerful right now.

yay, if I keep myself moving after getting home from work I am capable of getting miso soup going, if I have everything cut/measured ahead of time and ready to dump. At least for now I can.

This is why I batch cook/meal prep, I have no energy left after working in a school all day and reheating food is about all I can handle

While the outside of the loaf isn't quite as pretty as the last one I made, the texture and taste of this one is _even better_ 😍 this crumb is to die for

#SunDIY: We finished our homemade fermented hot sauce! It was real easy, just liquefy the peppers in a blender with a couple cloves of garlic and about a cup of vinegar, leave in a loosely-covered glass container at room temp for 3-7 days (we went for a week for more of a fermenty flavor), then add salt and honey to taste and simmer until properly thickened

It turned out fantastic. Outstandingly smokey and flavorful on top of being very hot. And we already have more than enough peppers for a second batch, so we'll be giving 2 of these away as gifts!

I frequently see reviews and top 5 lists for the "best" cold brew coffee makers. Here's mine.

Yup, it's a half-gallon mason jar.

Take one cup of whole cofee beans, grind at french press setting. Dump into the jar, fill 3/4 with water, and set on the counter, covered for around an hour. Then stir down the grounds, fill the rest of the way and put in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then, pour through a fine-mesh strainer into a clean container (I use a couple of quart-size jars). That's it.

Breakfast is looking like it'll be:
— Gallo pinto with salsa
— Monkey bread

Dinners will be:
— More of the make-as-we-go stir-fry that we already have prepped, until it runs out
— Miso soup
— Leftover bits of sides (lentil salad, corn and cucumber salad, carrots & apricots, brown rice salad)
— Burnt Basque cheesecake until it runs out

My partner needs a sweet for every meal this week (lol) to cope with going back to work, so we reached a compromise on what to make with one of the challah dough balls from the freezer — I wanted cinnamon swirl bread, they wanted cinnamon sticky buns, we're out of parchment paper and don't have a large baking dish... so monkey bread it is.

I've never made monkey bread but I know this recipe will be good because it's from the authors of the dough recipes I use.

Work lunch menu for this first week of school is:

— Brown rice with yogurt-broiled chicken, cucumber, yellow pear tomatoes, green onion, and cilantro (olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, paprika, and garam masala for seasoning)
— Green lentils marinated in that miso-turmeric dressing
— Carrots, dried apricots, and onions
— Miso-peanut butter cookies

I made some miso-peanut butter cookies, and they're really good, but I want to make them again and tweak the recipe...

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