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Re-Introduction, because there's a new wave of food instance accounts!

I use this account like a cooking diary and keep records of what I'm doing in the kitchen. I post photos or write out recipes when I can. I was doing a big thread of all my fancy packed lunches, but I stopped having to make them due to workplace closures!

I also dump all of my gardening stuff here. I have a lot of experience gardening in the ground, but I'm currently in my first season of container gardening.

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ITT: Packed Lunches (2021 edition) 

Week of 1/4/21:
> Banh mi (no pics)

Week of 1/11/21:
> Grilled cheese on dark rye, with kale-lentil salad (no pics)

Week of 1/19/21:
> Veggie Tortellini
> Apricot Curry

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ITT: Packed Lunches 

Week of 1/27:
— Mulligatawny Soup over Jasmine Rice
— Chicken-Lentil Soup with Jasmine Rice, Caramelized Onions, and Yogurt
— Snack: box mix brownies

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it looks like tomatoes with basil leaves, but it's really... pitango (surinam cherry, aka eugenia uniflora) with nana (probably mentha longifolia)! God willing, in a few weeks time it's going to be a wild kind of #vinegar.
the other jar's the weekly #PickledGarden, this time with both garlic and dill #flowers 💐 yesterday we ate last week's gardens and it was perfect.
p.s. almost everything from the #CommunityGardens 🌇🌄🌳

@plants @plantifa #plants #JarsOfTheFediverse #food

guincos finget bananas, painted by amanda almira newton, 1907

Candy caps drying on the windowsill! This picture is from two years ago (2020).

This year (2022) was great for blewits, just lousy for candy caps. Usually it is the other way around, which is odd, since candy caps have the reputation for rareness. I guess I know where the patches are, lucky me!

Every time I make Kung Pao chicken it turns out a little different, it is delicious every time though.

It's spring in the Northern Hemisphere, so time for an annual PSA. This is an article by Harold McGee, seminal food scientist, on a simple way of extending how long fresh berries, grapes, and stone fruit will keep.

I've used this method every year since first reading it. It works great.

Had some ground elk meat so I made some patties and a pan sauce with cream. Served it with mashed potatoes, macerated lingon berries, and Swedish style pickled cucumbers.

Last night's dinner, slightly simplified Char Siu pork on a baguette with mayonnaise, Swedish style pickled cucumber, and coriander.

First course. Hand made potato gnocchi, fried in sage butter and served with sautéed kale. #food

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Since then, the so-called 'true leaves' have emerged, so I've been able to verify, with a quick image search, that they are indeed kiwis, which seems rather fun and exotic for a flower pot on a Canadian window sill.

#plants #houseplants #seedlings #kiwi

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The store had some nice pork bones today so I had to make some Tonkotsu ramen. Rushed it a bit so the stock could have been a bit more flavorful, but quite nice all in all.

We had so much leftover produce after distro yesterday and now I’m sitting here looking at a whole-ass basket of key limes and six pounds of broccoli trying to figure out what the fuck to do with it. Please drop your low-effort broccoli-lime recipes at this time

‘Twas *very* tasty. Served with a little sour cream and some hot paprika paste.

#food #dinner

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So I heard today was crafts day. I love to do things with #clay when I ain't drawing. Please look at these miniature foods! I am so proud of them 🥺

#polymer #polymerclay #miniature #dollhouse #food

Baked those #sourdough loaves, just after supper this evening. Looks tasty, but alas I'm not done with the current one so it's into the freezer with these for the stockpile.

The cookbook publisher that used to own the test kitchen here folded. I bought the premises to run my gourmet fast food restaurant.

Let me let you in on a little secret: the reason why you have to cook that cake recipe 25% longer at home is because your kitchen runs at one second per second. This one runs at 1 second per 800 milliseconds.

Oh, here’s your order already. That was quick, wasn’t it? See you next time!


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