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Re-Introduction, because there's a new wave of food instance accounts!

I use this account like a cooking diary and keep records of what I'm doing in the kitchen. I post photos or write out recipes when I can. I was doing a big thread of all my fancy packed lunches, but I stopped having to make them due to workplace closures!

I also dump all of my gardening stuff here. I have a lot of experience gardening in the ground, but I'm currently in my first season of container gardening.

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ITT: Packed Lunches (2021 edition) 

Week of 1/4/21:
> Banh mi (no pics)

Week of 1/11/21:
> Grilled cheese on dark rye, with kale-lentil salad (no pics)

Week of 1/19/21:
> Veggie Tortellini
> Apricot Curry

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ITT: Packed Lunches 

Week of 1/27:
— Mulligatawny Soup over Jasmine Rice
— Chicken-Lentil Soup with Jasmine Rice, Caramelized Onions, and Yogurt
— Snack: box mix brownies

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I had struggled for a couple years to get anything to grow in this planter besides the walking onions in the center, but this season I got some volunteers: succulent clippings I tossed there and ignored, mint reseeds from the neighboring planter, and nasturtiums that had never germinated. I need to take everything out of here and refresh the soil/clip roots once the cool weather sets in.

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These mints I took from a roadside cooler full of cuttings have done well. Yesterday I sized them up from quart yogurt containers to 6" nursery pots.

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Our cover crop has taken off and the bees are loving it. Look at that packed pollen pocket! We also had a nice turnout of Monarchs as well when they were migrating through.

All these blooms and buzz makes the whole area feel so enchanting.

#gardening #florespondence #theField

Hey folks - it’s been a while.

Living on my own again, and that - since I never did learn to cook small portions - means having fun with leftovers. I roasted a lamb leg on Friday, made a pilaf with it and it’s juices yesterday, and today a version of the Karhi Gosht from Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible. I will post a photo of the recipe below.

I used coconut yoghurt because my tolerance for dairy is low, and I didn’t add fresh chillis, so it’s pretty mild. The yoghurt was very sweet so I added a teaspoon of tamarind too, but the dish still isn’t especially sour.

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Making a big batch of Olive & Mushroom Pasta Sauce (my recipe), with a shed load of garlic.

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The trail along this beach is quiet now that the summer visitors have gone home.

We have one pepper plant and it is finally producing like gangbusters. Here is a small sample -- despite appearances they are sweet, not hot.

The 2nd photo has them sauteed with basil from our neighbors and garlic from the market. All this on meatless patties with polenta.


We've had a tin of black beans sitting in the cupboard for like a year, because Kristina can't eat them anymore. Finally got around to using them and I made a batch of Spanish rice with them and chorizo to have during the week, and it is gooood.

i could run the depths of wikipedia account. check this out.

The March 5, 1973 Great Michigan Pizza Funeral (also referred to as the Great Pizza Funeral of Michigan and the Great Pizza Burial) was the ceremonial disposal of 29,188 frozen cheese-and-mushroom pizzas in Ossineke, Michigan.

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happy fig season, wife and i are celebrating with a charcoochie board that center urban foraged figs :3

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