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What do people like to do with mushrooms? Ideally, things that might go over well with someone who loves the idea of mushrooms but has issues with their texture (me)

There are so many beautiful mushrooms at the farmers markets here and I feel left out...

Ginger thread:

So today i harvested my ginger. I kept maybe 5 pieces. The rest that had good roots i replanted to triple next years harvest. It may seem like i didnt get much, so keep in mind i replanted a lot and all the stalks are also edible. First photo is of the roots i kept.

Growing Saffron 

We've tried this pancake mix out now, and we're very happy with it! The blend of grains is nice, it fills you up but isn't too heavy.

The recipe as-is makes for very thick batter, so add slashes of liquid until you reach your desired consistency.

Meal plan for the week of 10/7: 

Tonight I made ribs, with a broccoli, sweet pepper, and onion slaw, and pan-fried peaches (with too much butter and a good bit of cinnamon). It came out well!

I ended up disregarding y'all and making the apple scones, lol. The recipe is from a National Trust cookbook of my mom's (attached: scan of the recipe with her annotations). I used three apples from the market: 'Winesap', 'Wolf River', and 'Melrose'.

The worst way to discover that your cheap plastic cake keeper isn't airtight is to find your apple cake covered in fruit flies. the other worst way would be ants.

By the way I've been thinking about disabling new signups for this instance. We're nearly at 100 users and that's the maximum I'm willing to manage really. Thoughts?

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Prior experience using cider lees to make a sourdough starter convinced me that the bread makes more sense with wild ferments than as a flatbread, so when I did this last year I fermented the grapes for a week beforehand and added in some of my sourdough starter. (Some of the grapes went back into my starter, which gave it a nice fruity flavor for about 6 months.) It came out amazing last year and I'm expecting the same this time.

Next weekend I'm planning on making another round of the grape must and ricotta bread from Cato's De Agricultura!

I based my variation on the recipe linked below:

I baked a fruit loaf today. 🍞

I modified the recipe by changing the walnuts to pecans, halving the raisins and adding apricot and candied peel. Also only made a half batch, and soaked the fruit in brandy first, and after the first rise, rolled flat, spread with sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar and cinnamon and rolled in to a log to proof.

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finished fruit loaf
recipe page 1
recipe page 2

The original is a baking mix that's supposed to work for biscuits, shortcakes, pancakes, crepes, and dumplings, and there are recipes for each. To use the mix you combine 1 cup of the baking mix, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons oil, and ½ cup milk or water, then cook as you normally would.

Trying out a pancake mix, adapted from the Sierra Camp Baking Mix in the Sunset Cook Book of Breads:

— 1 cup each rye flour, cornmeal, rolled oats
— 1 ¼ cup whole wheat flour
— ¼ cup polentam (ground barley, flax, and coriander)
— 6 T packed brown sugar
— 3 ½ t baking powder
— 1 ¾ t each salt and baking soda

Tweaked because the original recipe calls for soy flour, which I can't eat. I like oats in my pancakes, and I had some of the polentam my mom made me, so those went in.

Meal plan for week of 9/30 

I ended up with a few handfuls of melted fatty bits for tomorrow's pot of beans, some extra stock for the arroz rojo, and enough frozen stock and pulled-pork-mixed-with-fatty-bits to give us two very decadent batches of ramen in the future. 👌

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