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@nessotropheion Use them as hummus scoops? They're also pretty good in a mixed root vegetable roast.

The classic French thing is to slice them almost in half, put some butter in the middle, and dip them in salt. I like them sliced onto buttered bread instead though.

If they came with leaves, make pesto.

Any suggestions for what I could do with a bag of radishes? (The round pink/white kind.)

My mom left a ton of produce here, and my partner and I don't eat them very often, so I'm kind of at a loss beyond making pickles or throwing them into salads.

If you boil a funny bone, you make a laughing stock

#Mullein blossoms in sugar will leech the flower properties into the sugar and naturally form a cough syrup over the course of several weeks. As the sugar collapses in the jar, you add more fresh blossoms. #HerbCrafting #Medicinal

Every other day I tried to add more blossoms and I think I've reached capacity on the #Mullein syrup project. I just have to try and keep it in the sun now and let it all turn into delicious, medicinal goo. #HerbCrafting

Cooking the past few days: 

So far I've harvested over 2kg of broad beans from my (under) 1m x 2m raised beds. Probably still have another 1kg that I should be able to harvest.

Not sure if this is considered a high yield or not, but I'm very happy with it.

This lot (in the photo) is getting frozen so I have a treat later on in the year.

#Gardening #UrbanGarden #GrowYourOwn #Vegetables

Sometime I say "I'm gonna eat this too." Because someone has already had a nibble. And that's fine. Plants should feed multiple beings, imo.

Everything turned out very good, the curry is definitely a keeper

alcohol, weird mixed drinks 

#Vegetarian #recipe 

“oh you’re a baker, that sounds chill”
me: *blasting death metal, forming and panning 200 loaves of bread in 30 minutes* yeah i guess

The goose egg was very good, like a duck egg but with a slightly different flavor, and this has added to my desire to add some geese to the family duck flock once we have all our people on one property again

I have scans of the I'm using for the Chickpea Flour Pancakes ("World Vegetarian", Jaffrey) and Lamb with Apricots ("Indian", Hermes House), the other things mentioned above I either don't use a recipe or it's not easily accessible right now

My mom and her husband are visiting tomorrow night, so today I made:

— Cucumber Raita
— Banana Raita
— Besan Pancakes with peas, ginger, and sesame
— Spearmint-Ginger Iced Tea

Tomorrow I will make:
— Dried Apricot and Beef Curry
— Yellow Rice
— Steamed Snap Peas

And I'll dig out of the fridge/pantry:
— Cilantro Chutney
— Sweet Pickles
— Fresh Apricots, Peaches, and Raspberries

This should hopefully be enough of a spread that all four of us can eat and I'll have some leftovers 😅

This week's farmers market haul 

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