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Re-Introduction, because there's a new wave of food instance accounts!

I use this account like a cooking diary and keep records of what I'm doing in the kitchen. I post photos or write out recipes when I can. I was doing a big thread of all my fancy packed lunches, but I stopped having to make them due to workplace closures!

I also dump all of my gardening stuff here. I have a lot of experience gardening in the ground, but I'm currently in my first season of container gardening.

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ITT: Packed Lunches 

Week of 1/27:
— Mulligatawny Soup over Jasmine Rice
— Chicken-Lentil Soup with Jasmine Rice, Caramelized Onions, and Yogurt
— Snack: box mix brownies

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I finally got my balcony garden started! A pot of arugula (will transition to kale), repotted my Dianthus, put three different mint starts in a ContainMint Area, oregano and thyme get their own pots, and repotted the very sad strawberry from my previous landlord's garden that has been languishing in a yogurt container for almost a year.

Still to go: regrowing garlic and green onion, poppies, calendula, more perennial herb seeds.

Cooking 9/18: 

I got all of the above cooked, as well as some hummus and sambal noodles

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ITT: Packed Lunches 

Week of 9/21:
— Lentil & Chicken Soup, served with rice, parsley, and yogurt
— Sambal Noodles, served with ripe Serrano peppers, yellow pear tomatoes, cilantro, and purple Thai basil
— Roasted Broccoli with garam masala and cilantro
— Roasted Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato with sweet chili sauce
— Chocolate Bread (not pictured)

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Decided it was a good day for #baking so I thought I'd see how my currents sourdough muffin base recipe would go with some chocolate.

Turns out, pretty well! Maybe could have bumped the sugar level up or the cocoa down a touch but I'm probably just overthinking it. The chocolate comes through just fine.


Made bread! They're a little flatter than usual, I think because the overnight temperatures are getting warmer and 12 hours bulk fermentation is too much now.

Breadposting, but also dogposting 

Beanie knows the exact sound of bread being cut, and no matter when in the house he is, he'll come in to the kitchen like a shot, waiting for either crumbs to be dropped or me to give him a scrappy end piece.

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hoosier black cap black raspberries, painted by ellen isham schutt, 1908

Cooking 9/18: 

— Roasted Okinawan sweet potatoes
— Chow Mein
— Roasted broccoli with garam masala and cilantro
— Chocolate bread dough (to bake later this weekend)
— Chicken and Lentil Soup, tweaked to make more, added extra lemon, added homemade wholegrain mustard and stock;

I've got half of the next week's lunches packed, other half tomorrow 👌

Japanese Curry Talk 

Ooooo the pictures were able to upload tonight! Feast your eyes on the beautiful, dark brown KoKuMaRo Japanese #curry and the stunning chicken katsu sliced on top of the surprisingly still-fluffy rice!

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I put together a fancy lunch/tea today to celebrate the much-needed rain. 💦

Roasted Okinawan sweet potato (with optional butter), Asian pear, plum sake, and lapsang souchong (now that the air is clear, I am of course drinking smoked tea), chased with buttered sourdough toast afterwards.

ryckman strawberries, painted by amanda almira newton, 1907

food article 

An article about the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship. This year's contest will be held online and winners will be announced on October 10th (World Porridge Day).

Official Website:

This caravan camping is rough. Dinner tonight was rib-fillet with gorgonzola, sweet potato, butter garlic mushrooms and steamed broccoli.


Food, breadposting 

I made bread this morning, it came out excellently as usual, plus the resulting toastie. 👌🏻

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The finished product. I gotta say, these are very, *very* good. My youngest and my wife are eating them like turkey drumsticks at a Ren faire 😃

Cooking 9/11—13: 

All of the above got cooked! Here's a bonus photo of the pork & green chili, which I walked my partner through making.

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ITT: Packed Lunches 

Week of 9/14:
— Bánh Mi with French bread, quick carrot pickle, ham and turkey lunchmeats, cilantro, and a chili paste mayonnaise
— Snack: leftover Mocha Mochi Cake from last week (a big sheet pan usually last us 2 weeks, and it only gets better as it ages)

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“Step 1 for making grape jam: PEEL ALL THE GRAPES so that you can remove the seeds from the pulp.” 🍇🍇🍇


Ain't nobody got time for that! Grape juice it is! 😂

excelsior strawberries, painted by amanda almira newton, 1914

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