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Re-Introduction, because there's a new wave of food instance accounts!

I use this account like a cooking diary and keep records of what I'm doing in the kitchen. I post photos or write out recipes when I can. I was doing a big thread of all my fancy packed lunches, but I stopped having to make them due to workplace closures!

I also dump all of my gardening stuff here. I have a lot of experience gardening in the ground, but I'm currently in my first season of container gardening.

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ITT: Packed Lunches (2021 edition) 

Week of 1/4/21:
> Banh mi (no pics)

Week of 1/11/21:
> Grilled cheese on dark rye, with kale-lentil salad (no pics)

Week of 1/19/21:
> Veggie Tortellini
> Apricot Curry

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ITT: Packed Lunches 

Week of 1/27:
— Mulligatawny Soup over Jasmine Rice
— Chicken-Lentil Soup with Jasmine Rice, Caramelized Onions, and Yogurt
— Snack: box mix brownies

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During the last couple of days I've foraged some leaves of stinging nettle, Plantago Lanceolata, chard, Sonchus oleraceus and dandelion (sorry for the Latin names but I didn't know the English ones) so this means ravioli. After boiling the leaves I've mixed them with ricotta cheese and a pinch of salt. For the pasta dough -for 3 persons- I've used 200g of 00 wheat flour, one egg and some water.
Buon appetito :blobcatmelt:


Thanksgiving is canceled this year in favour of other (less colonialist) activities, so the only thing I'm cooking today is some rustic tortillas made from dent corn that I grew, dried, nixtamalized, and ground.

Few days ago we harvested the olives under a beautiful sun.

Because of the dry summer, this year we had just 87 kg of olives giving 15.5 litres of oil. Last year was exceptional with 350 kg olives and 47 litres of oil.

Do you want to harvest with us next year? Fun assured and oil tasting included!!

#organic #olive #oil

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I made a batch of bolognese sauce last night to have for leftovers for lunch, and what an excellent decision that was.

I had a look at Serious Eats' ragu recipe and it said to add fish sauce right at the very end so I gave that a try and it really works well!

Soup round-up 🥣

- French onion soup leftover from braising the brisket, with comté on toast
- Leftover roasted butternut squash soup

I love how plump the yellow eye beans look after cooking. They're not my favourite Rancho Gordo bean, for a bunch of reasons: they're prone to split, they always take longer to cook than I expect, they can be a bit mealy, and honestly cranberry beans do everything they do but better.

But they sure look pretty!

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Now it’s cooled, here’s a crumb shot.

Good fruit distribution. Sample piece quite tasty. #breadPosting #bread #crumb

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dinner pic 

Katie hand pulled these noodles!!

Also why is baby bok choy so cute. I want to pet it

The morning glory I planted in a too-small pot and neglected over the summer decided to bloom today

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Pie! Meat pie.

Thrice cooked beef brisket and mushroom gravy.

We had 9hr slow cooked beef brisket last night, which was touched up in the oven before serving for a crisp outer layer. Anyway, it was huge so I had leftovers and that means pie!

Despite the pastry koalas, no koalas were harmed in the production of this pie.

#pie #food #meatPie

hot sauce 

Forgot to post pictures of the 160+ oz of hot sauce I made from ~80 jalapeños and three red poblanos from the garden.

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