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In my food thread the other day I was talking to a lot of people I don't know very well and my swipe keyboard kept putting "God" into sentences instead of "food"

I managed to catch it but I almost asked several of them about their relationship with God/love of God

Cooking 1/11/20 

Cooking 1/10/20 

@pelagikat no sourdough this time, basically just grabbed this:

But the thing is, last night I fried some onions up in the skillet for a casserole, and deliberately did not clean it. So now the rolls have just a light, crispy hint of fried onion to the base crust.

It's all I dreamed it would be.

Cooking 1/4/20 

Cooking 1/4/20 

food/kesar peda (saffron milk solids) 

Homemade Ropa Vieja, made in a slow cooker. The house smells amazing. 😋🤤

Cooking 1/1/20 

Hey cooking pals, do you have cooking goals this year?

I would like to learn to make a good chicken korma.

I'd like to use more foraged and home-grown ingredients.

I'd like to organise the freezer, and figure out how to keep an inventory so I don't keep buying more things that I actually already have but they're buried under frozen peas or whatever.

And I want to start hosting spaghetti nights again.

My dad bought me a shiny new food processor and I got a nice pyrex baking dish at a thrift store, and suddenly I can cook so many things I couldn't before

@kemonine This got me to go look for the actual 'UN water' recipe, and it's... pretty much this. 6tsp sugar, 0.5tsp salt to 1L of water.

The addition of lemon juice is good though, since it gives it some flavour and the citric acid seems to be in a lot of more complex recipes. Only other addition I see in the complex recipes is a source of potassium (no idea if you can do that with fruit juices or not though).

KemoNine Lime Coconut Agave

Tastes like a mildly salty lime drink. Super refreshing and tastes good barely chilled.

2 limes, juiced
1 cup water
2 cups coconut water (or enough to make it to 20oz) ; see above for brand, additional info
2 tbsp agave nectar, dark
1/4 tsp sea salt

Additional sports drink ideas / recipes

Today's cooking:

— West African Peanut Stew with chicken, okra, and sweet potato
— Whole Wheat Corn Bread
— Mustard: yellow mustard seeds, apple cider vinegar, Hoegaarden beer, salt, pepper

food/no-mato sauce-making! 

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