Cooking 5/30: 

I cooked for about 4 solid hours today and my feet are killing me!!

— Bread and pancake maintenance

— Broccoli, adapted from this recipe; upped amounts in general, subs. garam masala for ras-el-hanout, peanuts for pistachios, serrano for jalapeño, spearmint salt for plain; changed workflow to use one cast-iron skillet — toasted nuts, then toasted garlic and spices in oil, then in batches cooked the broccoli stems until they were just barely heated up

Cooking 5/30: 

— Roasted a pan of bone-in skin-on chicken thighs; most went into noodles below, reserved schmaltz and some meat/skin for arroz rojo in a few days

— Adapted this recipe; subs. maki noodles for udon, schmaltz for oil, used celery and cucumber for veggies, added lime, sesame oil, serrano, and more garlic to dressing

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