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I'd like to hold a video meetup for Kith kitchen folks on the first weekend of March (6th to 7th), just a no-pressure friendly hangout for our users to get to know each other better. If you're interested, like this post and I'll send you a doodle poll link so we can find a time that works.

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Yesterday I learnt that you can sync git repos directly from one computer to another over the local network. Incredibly useful if you want to keep two computers in sync without relying on fx Just go `git clone` and `git remote set-url`.

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#OtD 17 May 1972 10,000 schoolchildren in the UK walked out on strike in protest against corporal punishment. Within two years, London state schools banned corporal punishment. The rest of the country followed in 1987.

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💉 :coronavirus:

FYI: there's a new research study going on about COVID vaccines and menstruation! The lead researcher is Dr. Kate Clancy, who studies stress and menstrual cycles at the University of Illinois.

If you got a vaccine and have ever had a period, you can do the survey. Any nationality.

Survey: redcap.healthinstitute.illinoi


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ukpol, MH, police, - 

"Last month, a flurry of posts began appearing on social media, detailing experiences under a new scheme. They contained worrying reports – people in mental crisis involved in the scheme would call support services, only to be threatened with prison if they contacted the likes of an ambulance.

These posts outlined the experiences of “high-risk” individuals on the receiving end of the Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) scheme – a new mental health support model, currently being adopted by NHS England. It works by assigning people in distress – typically “high intensity users” of emergency services or those perceived to be at high risk of suicide and self-harm – to mental health professionals and police officers to assist with challenging cases.

Police officers, or “High Intensity Officers” (HIOs) are given primary responsibility for behavioural management, placing pressure on individuals to reduce “high-cost behaviour” and stop “demonstrating intensive patterns of demand”. Police may ensure compliance using threats of legal action, such as Community Behaviour Orders."

How did such an awful concept come to be?

"The creator of SIM, ex-police sergeant Paul Jennings, claims the root of unsustainable demand lies in over-dependence and behavioural issues, rather than the underfunding and inequalities that have crippled the system."

(CW: anti-Black violence)

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Here is a go fund me for the No Evictions Network for phone top ups and legal support. Currently £2k off a £15k target.

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Update: Asking for a little bit of money every week. Support if you can, or you can always share. 💞 

I very much appreciate my friends for letting me know that it was okay to ask for help.

"I'm a strong independent disabled woman. And unfortunately I am not in a situation where I can work much. The minimal work I'm doing and being paid for by Tusky is a blessing, and it's just about covering my basic needs. One of my basic needs right now is paying back my student loan."

Intro and full text is updated on:

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victory! community collective action against deportation raids in Glasgow 

protest marches with the released men to the mosque to ensure their safety

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Eid Mubarak to everyone who's celebrating

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Brambles Housing Coop in #sheffield is looking for new members.. they say..

"We're looking for new members!

Please share far and wide with your contacts :)

All information about our Coop and the application process can be found


it's a beautiful innercity housing coop in the Burngreave area of #Sheffield. 2 large houses adjacent houses with large gardens

Please boost, and get in touch if it suits you!

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You don't have an inalienable right to grow every plant. The future of our planet is more important than your 'need' to grow a plant in peat-based compost.

Plants that need peat should stay in the peat-bogs/their habitats. There are millions of other plants you can grow, and there are great peat-free composts available.

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Anybody know of any UK based grassroots orgs or individuals in need of donations at the moment?

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go read some theory for Marx's birthday. I reccomend this to EVERYBODY who wants to get a foot in the pool of theory but thinks it's too much work

Wage, labour, and Capital. it is literally like 20 pages long, and uses basic explainations to get across concepts like 'wage labour' 'surpluss value' and how the bourgeoisie exploit workers in clear terms and metaphors than technical detail

there is no better a place to get into reading Marx

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🇬🇧This goes to all surveillance fundamentalists: The child porn ring "Boystown" has been busted following targeted investigations, without indiscriminate scanning of private messages (#chatcontrol) and IP #dataretention! That's the way!

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Tyger tyger burning bright
In the forests of the night

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developers: man it really seems like software has been going downhill for the last 15 years


developers: it just feels like there is no end to the bullshit


developers: why is everything so buggy and resource intensive


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A handful of billionaires control most of the UK’s national newspapers.

New Internationalist is owned by over 3,600 readers from all around the world. You can join the world’s largest media #coop & help New Internationalist through current economic troubles.

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“Cryptocurrency is literally like an eight-year-old’s concept of an evil businessman. He just plugs his pollution machine in and gets money for it. It doesn’t make anything, it just. Pollutes. And makes money. Like a fucking Captain Planet villain”

Blue blue electric blue, that's the colour of my new guitar

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