Attempted Macarons for my fiancées bday yesterday, for a first attempt I think they turned out alright! I’m not really sure why they spread like that, if anyone has any advice I’d be grateful!

we got our new puppy last week so i’m gonna have to start baking for her as well. I need to figure out a good dog safe frosting for decorating her special treats.

I’ve been very sick the past week in response to a new medicine it was very scary and painful and I’m only just starting to get my appetite back. I need to think of something good to make at the end of the week for a dinner when I hopefully feel all the way good again 🤔

I was in charge of making the cake for my moms bday tomorrow!! I’m not a very good decorator this is only my like 4th cake ever but it does look WAY better than my last cake and I kinda like it!

I don’t know about the rest of you by my favorite stage of cookie dough to eat isn’t the completed product I like it right before you add the flour when it’s just the sugars, butter and eggs. It’s my dads favorite stage too. I know it’s like super unhealthy I don’t eat too much but I take a couple bites 😆

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Venting, food 

I’m very change adverse especially in my food if i’ve tried it a certain way once it’s very unlikely I’ll like it another way my sensory issues won’t allow for it. I can try new things fine but variations on things I already like are a gamble, I might like them ok or I might hate them.

I also made fry bread for the first time by myself (It’s probably not a proper Native version my mom watched someone make them when she was 13 and has gone by memory my whole life) but they’re good and how I’m used to them and I like them this way.

I made brownies in this new “all corners” brownies pan my mom got me for Christmas but i am TOO GOOD at soft brownies I didn’t end up with crunchy corners like i like! I really have to try cooking them longer.

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