Peposa dell'impruneta (black pepper short rib) with ricotta mashed potatoes

I don't really like salads. I hate lettuce, and I'm not a big fan of most dressings. But I should probably eat more of them. So I made a blackened chicken caesar spinach salad.

I ended up skipping osso buco last night, instead making general tso's chicken with rice and handmade pork dumplings (which my wife called pretty).

Tonight I'm doing a pressure cooker beef osso buco recipe with an orzo risotto, both recipes from Emril (adapted a veal osso buco recipe).

I'm going to make osso buco tonight. What should I serve it with?

Last night I made strawberry-kiwi freezer jam, and this morning I am having it with some mini waffles, and its bomb. So good. It's much looser than a traditional jam, but that's okay cause the flavor is so bright from it not having been cooked.

Dinner tonight: Ranch Roasted Chicken on a bed of baby potatoes. Following a Chef Steps recipe, hoping it tastes good (It's resting)

Hi all, I'm Max.

I'm a home cook who likes fancy techniques.

I guess the thing I made most recently is this rhubarb syrup.

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