I've changed my eating habits to lose weight and I've found that my hunger relates mostly to the amount of protein I get. I can reduce my caloric intake without going mad of hunger by ensuring I eat high-protein foods.

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Lately discovered the local German specialty of Handkäse (hand cheese). Very aggressively cheesy/stinky little blobs of rubber. A somewhat acquired taste.

One great feature is they're extremely high in protein. 30g of protein in 100g of cheese, and only 125 calories.

I made "The lazy way of rice", from a YouTube video by Xiaoying. It was easy and it tasted really nice. Like a fried rice without the frying part.

It's vegan if you replace the oyster sauce with either mushroom soy or hoisin sauce, and the sausage with vegan sausage or smoked tofu.

It's the first recipe in this video: youtu.be/078hpg4N7tw

I made perfect mousse au chocolat today. It's a Christmas miracle.

The great mystery of sugar cookies is that you want to eat them right out of the oven but they always taste much better one day later.

New group:


For food/recipes/cooking etc.

You just need to follow this to get all the group posts.

And when you post on this topic, tag @fediKitchen to share with the group.

Sauerkraut - S01E01

First success ever with Sauerkraut (this time curiosity didn't kill the lact!), first batch with new dedicated hardware <3

Epic SUCCESS!! \o/

Maybe a bit too salty (was just 2%, between the 1.5%-2.5% bracked usually considered the safest, will lower in next attempt), and maybe a little bit too much of these spices (black, red pepper + cumin), but overall AMAZING! So crunchy and rich in taste! And that *juice* hmmmm!!

#TeamFerment #Sauerkraut #Fermentation

If you've ever lived without a kitchen for two months, maybe you'll understand how happy the oven vegetables that @sixohsix just served made me.

A little treat for users of kith.kitchen:

I occasionally like to toy around with little programming projects that don't see the light of day.

Last week I decided to Actually Finish Something, so I've thrown together a little recipe book website for kith.kitchen users to record and publish recipes.

It's early days at the moment, but the plan is to slowly and steadily improve it.

Check it out at recipes.kith.kitchen - feel free to give it a try!

I currently have a temporary kitchen, while waiting for a full kitchen to be installed. It has a portable induction cooktop.

If you look on Wikipedia there's a lot of debate about if induction is more efficient than other types, but as a cook I can tell you it's pretty amazing. Pots get hot fast, but can then be turned down quickly. I've never had such immediate control of heat, or such high heat when I want it.

Gas is probably similar, but it consumes the oxygen in your kitchen. Not for me.

I bought a carbon steel wok and now I need to season it. I've become one of _those people_ with the fetish for caring for temperamental cookware.

I'm thinking about buying a new rice cooker. Probably the cuckoo brand, which is Korean.

I think this bonkers ad they made convinced me. Dancing rice grains? Cheery music? Dubious health claims? I'm in.


Any mixologists around? I've always had a theory that raki (Turkish anise liquor) would be good as a mix with something bitter like coffee or Campari. Anyone know any drinks? Anise liquor is tough to mix so this might be a real challenge.

After years of thinking about it, I finally made "overnight oats". I enjoyed them. I eagerly await my hipster card in the mail.

I followed this recipe:


Vegan mapo tofu, aka "ah crap I don't have any meat. uh, how about some chopped mushrooms??"

In this summer heat I've rediscovered my good friend: a bag of dried chili peppers. Grind up three of these with a mortar and pestle and add it to a dish that serves four and you'll be flying. They've got a deep burn that lingers.

It's really amazing how a little bit of salt and sugar mellow out the bitter radish taste.

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This recipe for Korean daikon radish "salad" is the ultimate side-dish for me:


* five ingredients
* vegetarian (skip the fish sauce)
* sweet, salty, spicy
* keeps for a week in the fridge
* doesn't need to be warmed up, eat immediately

It seems to be... hamburger buns. Not as perfect as what comes out of the bag (made by efficient robots) but... wow, I made buns!

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