I'm thinking about buying a new rice cooker. Probably the cuckoo brand, which is Korean.

I think this bonkers ad they made convinced me. Dancing rice grains? Cheery music? Dubious health claims? I'm in.


Any mixologists around? I've always had a theory that raki (Turkish anise liquor) would be good as a mix with something bitter like coffee or Campari. Anyone know any drinks? Anise liquor is tough to mix so this might be a real challenge.

After years of thinking about it, I finally made "overnight oats". I enjoyed them. I eagerly await my hipster card in the mail.

I followed this recipe:


Vegan mapo tofu, aka "ah crap I don't have any meat. uh, how about some chopped mushrooms??"

In this summer heat I've rediscovered my good friend: a bag of dried chili peppers. Grind up three of these with a mortar and pestle and add it to a dish that serves four and you'll be flying. They've got a deep burn that lingers.

It's really amazing how a little bit of salt and sugar mellow out the bitter radish taste.

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This recipe for Korean daikon radish "salad" is the ultimate side-dish for me:


* five ingredients
* vegetarian (skip the fish sauce)
* sweet, salty, spicy
* keeps for a week in the fridge
* doesn't need to be warmed up, eat immediately

It seems to be... hamburger buns. Not as perfect as what comes out of the bag (made by efficient robots) but... wow, I made buns!

I'm learning how to bake bread and my new mortal enemy is the smarmy YouTube baker who keeps saying never to flour your work surface or hands. Meanwhile I've got Monster goop hands and a gluey kitchen counter and dough that refuses to cooperate. Curse you, YouTube baker!!

English breakfast in Berlin. Bacon replaced by smoked tofu because we veggie. Never found a vegetarian replacement for black pudding, sadly. Anyone know of one?

Chinese Cooking Demystified did an episode about how to make your own chili-crisp sauce, and the history of Lao Gan Ma. Really love this channel.


Watch an absurd robot arm make an iced americano:


The channel is amazing and has a lot of neat street food from Korea and Taiwan, though very much _not_ vegetarian.

One glib fact about Canada vs the USA is that Canada is known as a multicultural mosaic, while the USA is the cultural melting pot of forced integration.

Which is not absolutely true but maybe it explains why America invented the Chow Mein sandwich.


I absolutely get proud parent feels when I see the eggs the girls are laying.

also, a fox almost got one of them while they were free ranging this morning but Andrea noticed before it was too late and scared it away.

today I'm going to begin working on their super secure run.

ok #vegan haggis attempt 1 is being chalked up to a learning experience.. there are some good points but flavour isn't one of them.. close but no cigar.

texture not quite there and whilst it did have the right spice mix i think, perhaps the quantities were over the top.. possibly could add some paprika for a sweeter, softer tone.

food for thought.. a little less suitable for eating.

Mapo tofu! This came out exactly as I wanted. I'm currently in a spice high right now.

I started with this recipe (for which there's also a nice YouTube video): reddit.com/r/Cooking/comments/

I made the recipe vegan by replacing the meat with a couple mushrooms fried in an excess of oil and the chicken stock with veggie stock (from powder cuz I am lazy). Turned out great!

Actually... this reminds me of something: when making Kimchi one technique is to make a porridge of rice flour and water which helps the Kimchi liquid coat the cabbage air-tight (instead of falling to the bottom the jar.)

This is exactly that, but made of potato starch.

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It has to be heated to simmering or nothing happens.

As it cools it gets thicker... and it looks completely obscene.

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I was wondering what happened when you used starch to thicken water. Well... it works. You get... thick jelly water. Yay? Now what to do with this power?

Did you know that in Germany you can have two different kinds of alcohol-free beer?

You can have beer with alcohol removed, which is generally sold both as a social drink for those who wish to abstain, but also as an isotonic sports drink.

But you can also have Malz drink, which is effectively beer before fermentation. A sugary soda made of boiled malted grain, flavored with hops. It's kinda like... beer for kids.

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