Let's talk about an often ignored but powerful kitchen tool — the pressure cooker.

It's a pot that builds up pressure. That's it. But pressure changes the boiling point of water, up to 120 C in most cookers. This means that dried beans which may take a day to soak and four hours to boil can instead be ready in 30 minutes.

Last year people were enamored with the Instant Pot®. Know what an instant pot is? A pressure cooker with a built in timer. A stovetop cooker is much cheaper.

Pressure cookers can be a bit scary at first but modern ones have a ton of failsafes to prevent problems. The golden rules are:

1. Read the manual.

2. Never try and open it when the pressure meter is up.

3. Follow recipes and ensure you have enough water.

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This is your pressure cooking time "Bible":

Since you can't see what's happening in the pot, you need to know the cooking time in advance.

For dried beans, add 5x or more their volume in water, and some salt. Maybe some garlic cloves or a bay leaf if you're fancy. Then let em cook under pressure for as long as it says on the page.

After cooking, wait for the pressure to drop back to normal. Then strain the perfectly cooked beans from the bean-water. Yummy!

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@sixohsix my InstantPot stopped pressure cooking after a year. I did the troubleshooting to no avail. I'd recommend a stovetop cooker too.

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