I've neglected cooking lately 😟
Although I've made a bunch of food, they were nothing new or noteworthy

Yesterday evening had a Chicken Club Sandwich and it was quite nice with a pint of beer.

I tried basmati rice rice instead of the usual long grain rice and I kind of didn't like it that much. I have to look into how to prepare it that suits and enhances its flavour.

Just made scrambled eggs with butter for a change and they came out so fluffy and creamy that I think I'll never be able to go back.
Before eating I put a bit of truffle oil on it and now I still have the lingering memory of it.

Yesterday made some pizza rolls and they came out nice. The texture is good and the taste as well but they don't really look presentable at all.

When I can't be bothered but still want to cook something, I usually do a simple pasta sauce of fresh tomato 🍅 and basil 🌿, with cheese 🧀. Quick and delicious.

Last night :
- steamed peas and sweet corn
- made some mayonnaise
- fine diced an onion
- chopped up some ham

Mixed all together and now I have a nice salad for today :)

Have had a lot of lovely meals lately but only have photos of this one :)

@Paul hello, do we have a way to write recipes here other than chaining together 4-5 posts?


* Hard boil the eggs and then cut them up into 1cm pieces
* Sauté the onions and when golden add the paprika, salt, pepper, flour and whisk for a minute
* Slowly add the milk and whisk until homogeneous
* On low heat whisk until thick sauce-like consistency
* Boil the macaroni

Serve next to macaroni or mix the two(latter recommanded if not eaten immediately)

(Macaroni can be left out and it can be eaten with bread since it is like a sauce)

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Just made egg paprikash with macaroni.

Ingredients for 2-3 people:
* 5-6 hard boiled eggs
* 1 medium sized white onion
* 1/2 tablespoon of paprika
* 1 tablespoon of flour or the equivalent in corn starch
* salt, black pepper (to taste)
* 250ml of milk
* 1 bay leaf (optional)
* 200g macaroni

As a morning snack Swedish tuna pate wit hard boiled egg and toasted black bread.

Just ate broccoli cream soup with a little bit of truffle oil on top.
They go quite well together

We also started to prepare sushi 🍣

I'll only cut it tomorrow morning because today I had to clear the leftovers and it tastes better if it is freshly cut.

This time it is only maki sushi since we have to make a citrus cheesecake as well.

My dinner tonight from an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was daal, white beans, garlic naan, and rice. #hk #hongkong #tsimshatsui #kowloon #food #foodies #indianfood #vegetarianfood

In the meantime we've prepared a different ham with applesauce horseradish and cream cheese filling.

We then added sweet-paprika salami, olives, freshly cut up and roasted wurst and cheddar/cherry tomatoes/mozarela skews and the cheese/ham towers I made.

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