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Not CW'ed on this account:
✨ food + cooking

CW'ed on this account:
🔒 unhealthy eating habits
🔒 alcohol

folks it is time for... microwaved eggs in a mug

not the best egg, but better than no egg 🍳

crime tv 

I regret to inform you I am once again watching Silent Witness

physical health 

seems to be time to make my diet a bit more... iron-rich

instant soup with croutons in.... such an innovation

gross food stuff 

idk why I've been so hesitant to throw out my housemate's mouldy food in the fridge but it's going today

I made food at home instead of taking takeaway ☺️ a triumph for executive function

I guess what I want in life is someone to cook for me

I share a kitchen in a house with 5 other people

I've realised I get "kitchen anxiety" spending time in there bc I don't really know the housemates?!

advice appreciated, please do not ask me to cook for the others bc I will not be any good at that

should specify smoked salmon sandwich had apple, fennel, watercress and avocado

I wish there were more open face sandwiches in my life

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thinking fondly of the time I spotted 8 wild bunnies on a roadside verge

I love streetside fruit stalls! Have some strawberries to eat later in the night 🍓

It's almost 11 and the sun is still setting?! What gives

Been watching this guy on Instagram ferment all manner of fruit and veg, and introduced to the world of cheong - a traditional Korean way of making syrups 🤩

brunch: scrambled eggs with chilli flakes

so versatile... so good

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