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โœจ food + cooking

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๐Ÿ”’ unhealthy eating habits
๐Ÿ”’ alcohol

Could folks please boost this out as far as possible? I want to get it into gender-critical circles.

Could people send me links to articles about specific incidences of cisgender men legally identifying as women in order to access female spaces and abuse cisgender women?

F64.8 includes the following (select all that apply):

glad that washing hands after coming home is now so much a habit that I don't remember doing it

Cool sticker kids of the fediverse, where do you put your cool stickers? I have some on my laptop and my water bottle but both of those have certain palettes & I'm kind of out of ideas for places to put stickers in other colors.

I also have this question about pins and patches.

I'd enjoy it if this turned into a thread of people posting pics of their sticker displays or w/e, too.


Takeaway place does really nice cannoli - think they're filled with Nutella, then covered with shaved coconut on one end!

Hey the flag I made, the queer trans BIPOC pride flag? Now you can get it as a holographic sticker! one for $4 and $7 for two! @popstar is making them, and they're being awesome and giving me $3 when you buy one and $5 when you buy two!

#bipoc #qtpoc #stickers

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Anytime you feel tempted to complain about a transphobe on Twitter, boost three transition crowdfunds instead.

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#ActuallyADHD folks who're on 5mg of methylphenidate hydrochloride, how long does the good-focus-time last when you take it?


Did you play in [average indie band] in [second class city] in [1998] and have since moved on to become a primary school teacher or archbishop or something?

Go dig out your old bands CDs, rip them and put them up on Bandcamp for like $2. Someone out there, like me, who loved your music but lost/destroyed your CD years ago will be *very* happy to find you again.

(Iโ€™m utterly extatic to have just found this

Are you doing any of the following for environmental reasons?


canteen lunch 

jerk chicken
rice and peas
red cabbage coleslaw

it was DELICIOUS, and brought back memories of Notting Hill Carnival, which I am always happy to do

It seems the optimal salad has 3 ingredients or more ๐Ÿค”

I'm trying to educate my cis self. :boost_ok:

Trans folks, what terminology do you prefer to use when talking about surgical procedures relating to your gender?

i need to leave this house. my mom threw out all my pride stuff and all pictures of me. she completely trashed all my pride stuff

i'll do anything for shelter or a full-time job. i'd take a minimum wage service industry job or a tent in a back yard at this point

i'm in upstate. i can work remotely, or travel for shelter

please, i'll do anything

sensory ideas? :boost_requested: 

So! I'm an OT student and for our Fieldwork this year we have to organise an event. Our group is doing a sensory roadshow with an as-yet unknown but definitely limited budget.

What sorts of cheap, homemade sensory stimmy things have people made?

This is for people ranging from age 5-18, some disabled, some not. Ideas for things we could offer them to make & take home are best, but we're happy to hear all ideas!

food chat is honestly the best way I've found to join a conversation

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