if you boil a funny bone, you make a laughing stock

Fitting up the grill again! Chicken and potatoes. The internal temp of the checker reached 170 so we did it right. 😎

I just had some of the canned bbq pork I made yesterday and it was amazing. Sooooo tender.

I put together the grill yesterday. It went without a hitch save for one little part I wasn't able to figure out how to attach to the side burner. Well, thank God for YouTube. I was able to attach the last little piece and I now have a fully assembled gas grill to replace the old one that was crumbing to rust.

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The new grill arrived today! The old one was rusting out pretty bad and I hated cleaning it, so when i bought the new one I made it a point to find one that was easier to clean.

Now i just have to put it together.

Not something I cooked 

I am very clearly not used to wasabi anymore. I'm literally crying 😂

I put the chicken into the instant pot with a cup and a half of homemade chicken stock. I cooked in high pressure for 15 minutes and let naturally release which took another 15 minutes.

I put the chicken in a pan and put it in the oven at 350 to crisp the skin. in the instant pot I added basmati rice to the leftover chicken stock and cooked on high for 5 minutes. I added mushroom and broccoli to the rice.

Only problem was that the rice ended up undercooked, but otherwise it was good.

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Cardimom infused chicken with a side of basmati rice, mushrooms, and broccoli, all cooked in the instant pot.

I think my next canning project will be pork. I usually do chicken but I feel like mixing it up a little.

Hey new followers! Thanks so much for stopping by! I tend to post pretty sporadically to this account but when I do I tend to post a lot of pictures from my camera roll so at once. I also try to post detailed descriptions of the recipes and processes involved and answer any questions people have.

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