Pressed 6 gallons of apple cider today, 1 of which went home with the friend who helped.

I canned 7 quarts and now I'm almost out of jars.

My partner recently stopped drinking and doesn't want more booze in the house for a bit, so that's out.

I think this is gonna be the year I finally make apple molasses.

@twistylittlepassages Yeah, it was pretty underwhelming compared to last year's attendance. But I'm doing 2 this year and I think the 2nd one works better for a lot of people's schedules, so we'll see.

@mcmoots I currently have 4 empty 2 quart jars if you want to use them for this I could let them pass. Or I have a carbouy you could fill and ill turn it into alcohol :p

@hope wait, 2 quart canning jars??? I don't think my canner will fit anything bigger than 1 quart.

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