What's everyone's favorite mushy, room temperature comfort foods?

I think my post-root canal treats for tomorrow are gonna be mac'n'cheez and pudding, but I can't decide what kind of pudding.

@mcmoots If it’s a standard root canal (no abscess — don’t google this with safe search off) I’d go for pretty much anything I can find.

If you’ve got an abscess, bananna and noodles or similar.

Mac n’ Cheese is an awesome choice if there is residual pain and it’s easy to chew on the other side of the mouth.

Quinoa is also a good option.

@kemonine haha I've had disgusting abscessed root canals (and an apicoectomy) before! This one is pretty standard, but I always like an excuse for indulgence.

@mcmoots Oof, thats a lot of dental work…

I got lucky on the apicoectomy front. They couldn’t salvage that tooth and they ended up yanking it out. Unfortunately it was after 3 root canals in it (one abscessed) and a crown…


I hope the indulgence tastes amazing.


@kemonine ha yeah I have an implant there now! After 3 root canals and an apico. That tooth had a congenital defect, my first root canal on it was when I was 14. The apico got it another 5 years before extraction though so that's something.

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@mcmoots thats definitely a big win time wise.

I've got nearly 20 years on a set of crowns and I am not looking forward to them wearing out.

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